Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blackberry which are not bought from Grameenphone Center are capable to access EDGE Internet

This article is for those people who did not buy blackberry set from Grameen Phone Customer care. I brought a Blackberry 8820 UK Orange from UK. Then unlocked the set using unlocking code. It took around 5000 tk to unlock. However, after I unlocked the set, I did not get EDGE internet connection using the set. Then I called their 24 hour customer care service to know how can I find the connection. I phoned them to inform that I have a blackberry set to be connected, for this, I submit a handset connection message to you guys and replied that my handset is not recognised. Whatever this is a common problem which I faced previously. But in response of calling them, they took time to confirm me and finally confirmed that the blackberries which are not bought from their customer care center is not currently capable to have their edge connection!!! I can have only use the voice and sms service from them if I continue to use my blackberry. what a sad news they gave with a fancy manner!! Whatever, without accessing internet, blackberry is alike dead!!

Then I went my own way, and finally got internet connection into it.
  1. Unlock your handset if it is locked
  2. Go Settings -> Advance Options -> TCP
  3. In TCP settings write "gpinternet" in APN field and just save.
  4. If you dont have any http or socket browser like opera 4 or something like that, then please add that application some how, say you can add that application downloading from your desktop PC and load that into your blackberry using your blackberry application loader software.
  5. From opera mini, go the settings section and find the network settings there. Select "Socket" connection and save.

Thats it, now your blackberry handset is ready to access Grameenphone Internet. Enjoy with your blackberry.

Note: I did not test with its Enterprise Server yet currently but you can simply surf the net using your handset now. Go and Bingo!!!


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